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We will take care of all of your drywall and plastering needs. We can help you with everything from repairing drywall to installing new drywall to plastering a wall. We work diligently to ensure that all of our clients feel beyond satisfied.
When it comes time to make improvements to your home, it can be difficult to decide which services you should book. One of the most important services that you should consider is drywall and plastering. This type of service is essential for many reasons, but here are a few of the main ones:

1. Drywall and plastering adds stability and strength to walls – When drywall and plastering are used in walls, we help keep them structurally sound by providing additional support for areas prone to movement or damage due to moisture or temperature changes. Drywall also helps reduce noise transfer between rooms, making sure that your home stays quiet and comfortable no matter what’s going on outside.

2. It creates a smooth finish – Whether you’re repainting an existing wall or installing new sheetrock, drywall provides a smooth surface that’s easy to paint on or wallpaper over. Plastering is especially useful when creating curves or interesting details in walls since it can be molded into any shape desired while still providing superior strength compared with other building materials like wood or brick.

3. It improves energy efficiency – By filling gaps in walls (especially around windows), insulation can be added more easily so that hot air isn’t escaping during colder months while also preventing cold air from entering during warmer months—saving money on heating/cooling costs as well as improving overall comfort levels inside the house all-season long!

4 .It prevents mold growth - In addition to keeping out moisture from outside sources (rain/snow etc.), proper installation of water-resistant drywall panels helps prevent mold growth within your home too—stopping potential health hazards before we start!

Overall, booking a professional service for drywalling and plastering will ensure that your project will go smoothly while delivering great results each time—so don't hesitate when deciding whether this service would be beneficial for your next improvement project!
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      After seeing the work that Steve and his crew at Lockwood Finishes did at my daughter and son-in-law's home there was no doubt who we were going to use to paint the interior of our home. We contacted Steve and he was quick to come look at the project and e-mailed me a written estimate me the following day. Once we had approved the bid and scheduled the work Steve and his crew showed up and prepped the floors and walls. Drywall repair and wall sanding was meticulously done. Two coats of Sherwin Williams Duration wall paint were applied with another sanding in between coats. My wife and I could not be happier with the results. Not only does the painting look great but we truly enjoyed meeting and working with Steve and his employees. They are honest, trustworthy and very friendly. We recommended Lockwood Finishes to several of our neighbors and friends and they have been just as impressed and pleased as we were. If you are looking for an honest and professional contractor who will do a 5-star job then contact Steve at Lockwood Finishes. You will be happy that you did!
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